Welcome to the portal page of the International Music Score Library Project - Europe (IMSLP-EU)! IMSLP-EU is not affiliated with the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) or with Project Petrucci LLC. We share the same objectives of IMSLP for users located in Europe or in other countries having similar copyright regulations. All IMSLP-EU files are physically stored on servers located in Europe.

Petrucci Music Library

Through the Petrucci Music Library (PML) users can find all the IMSLP-EU scores, stored on servers physically located in Europe, as well as thousands of scores stored on other servers worldwide (click here for basic search functions limited to IMSLP-EU scores). Please note: IMSLP-EU scores are free to download in most European countries; scores stored on other servers may not be.

IMSLP Journal

The IMSLP Journal is a music blog with articles touching a variety of music-related topics from the academic to the casual.

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IMSLP Forums

The IMSLP Forums is where IMSLP/IMSLP-EU contributors and users ask questions and discuss various topics. IMSLP.ORG and IMSLP-EU share the same forums. Please read the Rules thread at the top of the corresponding forum before posting, if applicable (some forums do not have a Rules thread).

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